5 DIY IDEAS to Involve Your Kids in Dussehra Décor

When the city reverberates with rhythmic beats of the dhak and air fills with the fragrance of joy and sizzling food. When streets are filled with people in colourful attires and their hearts filled with happiness. Be it the burning of Raavan’s effigy or worshipping the deity with dhoop dhuna, be it dancing to the beats of Garba or go pandal hopping whole night. When every soul rejuvenates for the celebration and every corner of the country is lit with lights and festive mood.

It’s that time of the year again, for kids to rejoice. This festive season tap their enthusiasm, engaging them in simple DIY ideas that are fun to make and a huge helping hand towards your Dusshera preps.

  1. Dandiya Sticks

how to decorate dandiya sticks at home Best of Dandiya Sticks Rentals Toronto Dhol Toronto Entertainment™

The nine-day Navratri festivities that witness the worship of the nine forms of Durga, isn’t complete without Dandiya and the clinking of vibrant dandiya sticks. These dazzling wooden multi-coloured sticks are the easiest to make. Take two wooden sticks (or rolled up newspaper) and wrap them with colourful papers of your choice. Complete the look by twisting glitter tapes around each.

Tada! Your dandiya sticks are ready.

  1. Puja Thali


Be it the West or East, India witnesses a riot of colours during Dussehra, with every house celebrating a series of rituals to worship the divine. Decking up the special puja thali (plate) to hold flowers, lamps and sweets is an art and one of the best ways to role in your kids in the Dussehra preparations. All you need is thermal or plastic plates and allow your kids to splash it with their creativity. Paints, glitters and colourful pebbles, let your kids make the most explicit puja thali for you. Keep them alongside while placing the essentials and enjoy their gleaming eyes and blissful smiles.

  1. Rangoli


Speaking of colours and festivity, how can we possibly miss Rangoli, effervescent creatives adorning the entrance of every household? Rangolis are a colourful way to welcome the goddess into our homes. This festive season, get your kids to lend a hand in sketching out an artistic Rangoli. Depict the vibrancy of Indian festivals or choose a theme of your choice to welcome your guests. Let the little hands spread the colours and design a beautiful Rangoli for you. In the end, it’s not about how perfect it looks but how much fun they had while making it.

  1. Painted Pots


Something that adds colour to the vibrant festive mood is earthen pots decorated with finesse. Bearing an old world charm, these craft pieces give a cosy edge to your home. This festive season helps your kids paint a few earthen pots, splashing them with colours and using mica glass or pearls to make floral designs.

  1. Paper Flowers


Flowers constitute an integral part of the festive celebrations. What if your kids could make them at home? Not only they look beautiful but are cost-effective and easy for kids to make. All you need are a few square shaped layers of coloured paper, stapled at the centre and cut into a round shape. Cut the edges and slowly separate the layers towards the centre.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Voila! That’s an artificial marigold. Now put a bunch of them together and hang them at the door.

Festivals are a great way to teach kids the cultural integrity of the country and if this is entwined with some fun activities, memories remain a lifetime. This Dussehra let your kids enjoy the festive fervour while helping you with the preps.



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