5 Interesting DIY Ideas for Your Kids this Christmas

5 Interesting DIY Ideas for Your Kids this Christmas

Pine trees bent low with jingle bells and candy canes, windows covered with snowflakes and shiny wreaths, rooms lit up with colourful decor and lights, and the air enchanted with gleeful delight. Christmas is around the corner, giving us enough reasons to rejoice. The carols, extravagant celebrations and lip-smacking food, Christmas paints the city in bright colours of rejoice. While kids are part of the merry-making the one thing they love sharing a hand in is, decorating the Christmas tree. This Christmas invite Santa to a home pepped up with decorations created by the tiny hands.

Skip the pricy ornaments and get crafty with your little ones with these five adorable DIY ideas.

1. 3D Paper Christmas Tree


Simple and interesting, the 3D Paper Christmas Tree get kids high on excitement, using simple supplies and whacky perfection. Cut out two identical tree shapes out of green chart paper (or any other thick paper). Make a slit from the top down to the centre mark in one tree and from the bottom up to the centre in the other one. Join the two shapes to form the pine tree. Pom-poms, stars, paper bells or ribbons, let your kids decorate it with their own festive imaginations.

2. Tissue Paper Wreath


Create this easy-to-make and economic personalized wreath that needs only a few easily available supplies and a little bit of patience (off course!). Spread some glue on a circular cut form of any recycled cereal box (or cardboard). Once done allow your kids to paste small squares of green tissue paper with the help of a pencil. Let them continue to work, section by section, until the entire wreath is covered. Use pom-poms, ribbons or bells for that festive touch. Once dry, it’s all ready to grace the front door or make an ideal festive gift for friends.

3. 3D Paper Snowflakes


One of the most Christmassy ornaments and an all-time favourite is snowflakes. Punch or trace and cut out two snowflake shapes from a hard white paper. Kids can assist you in this while being careful. Cut down through one branch of the snowflake, right through the centre, to the middle point. Repeat on the other snowflake and join them together by sliding one slit into the other. Voila! Your 3D super cute snowflakes are ready. Turn them into ornaments for your tree, make dozens to hang in your room or windows, or decorate wreaths and swags with them. These cute little 3D snowflakes are sure to make your friends go wow!

4. Socks Snowman


Give your old socks a new life by turning them into cute little snowmen. Fill a white sock with rice and knot the top. Roll a rubber band to make two round sections like snowballs. Cut out the toe portion of another red sock to make the hat. Let the kids glue three buttons down the centre of the bottom portion and use beads for eyes, nose and mouth. Use ribbons or cloth pieces for the muffler on the neck. Now make a few more of them and then place these adorable sock-balls on some cotton near the Christmas tree.

5. Egg Santa

Make-a-Santa-Claus-Decoration-Using-an-Egg-Intro (1)

Christmas celebrations are incomplete without the Santa and how wonderful it would be if your kids could make one with an ‘Egg’. Yes, an egg!

To start with, make a small hole in the egg using a spoon or knife and pour the contents out. Wash the egg properly to make it clean and odourless. Let kids apply some glue and paste tissue paper on it to make it firm. Take a sheet of red velvet paper, cut it into rectangular and semi-circular shapes. Roll the rectangular shape on the egg to make the dress while the semi-circle can form the cone/hat on the top. Don’t forget to paste a small cotton ball at the tip of the hat to complete the look. Draw the eyes and mouth using a sketch pen and use cotton to form the moustache and edges. Your little egg Santa is ready to go… Ho Ho Ho!

Let your little elves lend a helping hand in decorating your Christmas home this year. Rejoice in seeing their imagination Go Merry!


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