5 Reasons Why Music is an Integral Part of Your Child’s Growth Years

“I’m crazy but I like it, loca loca loca…” The walls of my living room were reverberating with Shakira’s music and my 5-year-old’s dance moves. Not that I don’t like her working out around the room but the topsy-turvy couch was ringing a different alarm in my mind. Kaira had an inclination towards music ever since she was two. From shaking her tiny leg to the tunes of her favourite teddy bear to jumping innocently each time the phone buzzed and a ringtone played through, music has had a different impact on my girl. While it was sheer fun for us to see her gleaming and dancing around, it took me a while to understand how music was nurturing various other life skills within her.

They say music strengthens the connection between the body and brain, helping both to work in tandem. Kids do not express or respond to music in the same way as adults. It’s often noticed that the choice of music differs for each kid. While some tap a foot to rock there’s another sect that’s inclined to soulful tunes. The early years, till the age of six, marks a significant shift in a child’s overall development, specifically extracurriculars. Toddlers with a musical bend understand the various tones and unintentionally begin differentiating among frequency, melody and stimuli.

What further triggers the inclination to certain musical form is hereditary, which eventually is a parent’s gift. Research shows that children with musically-sound families are more responsive to developing musical behaviour than those from other environments. This has me raise a silent toast to my mother, a profound singer and classical dancer. While I did try to inherit her qualities, music for me remained only till school and somehow I failed to continue it. Regrets !!!!

Kaira was special and I surely didn’t want her to follow in my footsteps. A bit of Googling and I realised that music not only improved creativity in kids but also honed other skill sets such as language and motor skills besides improving their IQ. Below I share some of the ways in which music benefitted your kid lest you ignored your child’s innate talent:

  1. Critical Thinking

Good music is a dose of vitamin for the brain. Besides pumping up a child’s imagination, music sharpens his memory and hones his cognitive skills and overall personality. Learning a musical instrument develops concentration, coordination and patience, as the classes demand focus and commitment to a certain craft.

  1. Develop that IQ & EQ

Your Baby Mozart may not grow up to become a music maestro but the lessons are sure to be the best food for his IQ. Exposure to various forms of music enhances a child’s natural ability to decode sounds and words and even improve abstract reasoning. Striking various chords and notes of the instruments equip them to solve complex mathematical concepts, besides improving their listening skills, primary mental abilities (verbal, perceptual, numeric, and spatial) and motor skills.

  1. Personal and Social Development

Music promotes harmony, strengthening the bonds between individuals. Kids develop a strong connection with you when you hum their favourite song or tune. Participations in local music competitions build the spirit of teamwork, enhancing their social development. Next time your child brings the sky down to participate in any activity, join in. You never know the impact it leaves on the little brains.

  1. A Mood Filter

Music soothes the soul and helps to get a hold over your emotions. I’m sure you remember the umpteen lullabies you heard as a kid and ten others you learnt for your own child. One of the best therapies for the brain, music aids relaxation, lowering the heart rate and blood pressure. It improves the ability to express besides boosting their self-confidence and creative juices. Music is sure to enhance your kid’s communication skills, eliminating the fear of public speaking. The next time your child gets cranky, you know exactly what to do!

  1. A Source of Joy

The best reason for music to be a part of your child’s early life is the sheer fact that it lends happiness and peace to the soul. It calms the body and transports one to a world of tranquillity. Music calms down the mind, engaging the little minds in the brighter aspects of life and develops an optimistic view. It is a silent motivation that prevents the child from giving in the ills around.

And, these are just a few of the many reasons why music should be part of your child’s growth years. Explore the internet and I’m sure your search engines will help you list a few dozens more. Encourage your children to know their inner calling and help them make the right choice. I’m sure with Kaira and if you are as sure, do comment below to discuss the various music classes around. We might just end up helping each other!


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